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BIM represents the process of development and use of computer-generated virtual building information models to simulate the planning, designing, construction and operation of a facility. A building information model carries all relevant information related to the structure, including its physical and functional characteristics and project life cycle information, as a series of ‘smart objects‘. BIM and BIM based project management is known to deliver numbers of benefits for the AEC industry and the stakeholders. Some of the key benefits BIM processes and tools bring are listed as follows :

  • Faster, effective processes and collaboration.
  • Automated documentation and linked information.
  • Better design outcomes.
  • Controlled whole-life costs and environmental data.
  • Better production quality.
  • Lifecycle data.

Our BIM Services

As a prominent BIM service provider in Nepal, Forefront provides a wide variety of comprehensive services to its stakeholders. Our knowledge and dedication enable us to provide high-quality BIM solutions that improve the efficiency and success of building projects. Here are some of the services we offer:

Architectural BIM Modeling

Our experts provide services with all the detailed information necessary in the model. Clients can express requirements and the models can be updated.

Structural BIM Modeling

We provide high-quality models, documentation, and details drawing using BIM models. We also provide shop drawings to make the construction process easy and to reduce the site work.

MEP Services

F2DCS offers BIM MEP modeling and drafting services that include 3D/4D HVAC modeling, MEP estimation, and cost calculation.

BIM Coordination

Forefront will provide coordination services between clients, designers, and contractors. Coordination services create a clear vision of the project and reduce conflicts between different disciplines.

Clash detection

We detect and resolve clashes between different models which help to save money and reduce rework during construction. Clash detection provides different alternative solutions to the problems during the design phase. The main idea of clash detection is to solve the problems before the construction begins and carry the construction work smoothly.

Quantity take-off

We can extract the quantity data from a BIM model which reveals the real cost on the construction site, even before the construction starts. This will help for better risk management of materials and budget.

SCAN to BIM services

Along with cloud point scans or 3D laser surveys, we model various architectural, structural, and MEP models.


Delivering BIM Services that prioritize excellence, efficiency, and consultative expertise.

We provide and use different Architectural, Structural and Building Services design authoring tools with powerful database of properties, quantities, means and methods, costs and schedules. We use BIM audit and analysis tools to analyze the richness of information in a model to validate its usefulness for different BIM use cases.

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